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Custom mouthpieces are very useful and despite what many of us think are used for a variety of reasons. Depending on what you need them for will determine how they look and how well they will help to protect your mouth or maybe just make things easier for you to do what you are trying to accomplish at the time.


Sparring is the art of fighting during martial art competitions and practices. It is very important to anyone who wishes to study this – but in order to do it you have to have the necessary safety gear. One of these includes the mouthpiece. Using one that is custom made will make sure that it fits perfectly and is able to protect your tongue and teeth from being knocked out or damaged in anyway.

Scuba Diving

Usually when we think of scuba diving we do not consider the fact that we would need a custom mouthpiece. When diving you have to keep a regulator in their mouth for long periods of time. Having one that is custom made gives them the confidence they need to make sure that it fits in perfectly and makes it safer for them.


Probably one of the most important uses for the mouthpiece is to help fight against snoring. This type of custom mouthpiece is used by many who are married and are trying not to keep their partner up at night with their loud and incessant snoring. These are said to be very useful and to help fight against snoring and help to prevent your partner from getting agitated with you.

These anti-snoring mouthpieces work to keep the tongue from falling backwards into their mouth and blocking parts of their airways. This is considered to be one of the more common reasons for snoring. The mouthpiece helps to keep the tongue in the proper position.

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