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If you are wanting to put up some type of curtains in your home to replace those old blinds than you should consider using pinch pleat drapes. These are some of the more elegant types of curtains that come in a variety of styles and colors to match almost any type of home.

Before you can purchase the pinch pleat drapes that you want you first have to know how tall and wide they should be. These measurements are very important and even a few inches will make a big difference. Keep in mind that they hang from hooks and pins – which can make them longer in length.

When measuring your window for pleat drapes you need to first consider the rod that you will be using. It is best to use ones that are between four to six inches right above the casing of the window. This will give you plenty of room when you open the curtains during the morning hours.

After this is completed you will be able to measure the length that the draperies should be sitting at. It is up to you to know how long or short you wish for it to be. You can have it sitting right above the window sill or even right below it. When the rod has rings attached to it you will need to measure starting from the bottom of the ring to the length that you wish for it to be. If the rod has clips or pins than start at the bottom of the rod.

Don’t forget that you need to measure the width of the window as well. This will depend on the type of cotton pleat drapes that you wish to use. Most people prefer to purchase the ones that can open and close to give them more privacy. However, there are others that will stay open all the time.

When they are multi functional you will need to measure them the rod and make sure that they have enough room to close without any gaps. If they will be able to close then you can measure the inside width of the window. If you want them to look more elegant than you need to add between four to six inches.

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