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Jokes are something that we all love to share and to read because of how funny they are. I know that anytime I am sent a funny joke through the e-mail it puts a smile on my face and seems to make me forget about the problems that I am facing. For at least a few hours. However, when I try to find the same type of jokes I can never find the ones that are just as funny.

One of the best ways that you ca find them is through the Internet. After all this is one of the best resource guides that we have to use. But if we do not know where to go or what to do then our search for the best jokes is going to take forever. With these helpful tips we can help you to find those jokes that you can share with all your friends.

When searching on the Internet the best thing that you are able to use is a search engine. The most common ones are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I prefer Google – but using all three of them will be able to give you more options to choose from. When you bring one or all of them up type the word “jokes” or “humor”.

If you know what type of jokes that you want to see then you should try to be more specific. Another way that you can do things is to type in your favorite or well known humorists, comedians, and cartoonists. You would be surprised how many of these people have created their own web sites for more exposure.

Another great way that you can find dirty and blonde jokes is to go to a forum that is strictly for humor. This is a place where people come to share what they know or have read and you would be surprised with what you can find.

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