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Saving money on expensive gasoline and diesel fuel doesn’t require expensive gadgets and gizmos. You don’t have to purchase a $75 air filter or some new-age part that’s supposed to swirl anything. There are several ways you can save money on gas completely for free, as in it doesn’t cost you anything except your time to read this article.

How To Save Money On Gas For Free

Check Your Tire Pressure. Believe it or not, maintaining proper air pressure not only reduces wear and tear on your tires, it also saves gas. Over time, and with changing weather, your tire’s PSI can vary dramatically – even from tire to tire. Make sure all your tires are aired up evenly and for the ultimate in fuel savings bring your pressures up to about 5 lbs below the manufacturers recommended max pressure. Be sure to do this after you’ve been driving around a while, since it’s under those circumstances that you’ll be doing most of your driving. Never, ever overinflate your tires.

Stay off the brakes. Every time you hit the brakes you waste the fuel used to get your vehicle up to speed. Sure, usually you have to stop, but there are opportunities where you can get the most out of the gas you burned to get up to speed. Try to maintain a reasonable distance behind the car in front of you, so that you don’t have to constantly apply the brakes when you get too close or they slow down.

Clean out your car! Reducing the weight of your car is an easy way to help it get up to speed and stay there with less gasoline use. Newer cars are taking advantage of lighter weight materials, so don’t lug around 100 pounds of luggage in your trunk unless you absolutely have to. As an added bonus, your car’s accelleration should improve also.

Watch your speed. Yea, the speed limit was set to 55 miles per hour in the 70′s for a reason – vehicles are usually most efficient at that speed. In some estimates, you can save up to 20% more fuel by reducing your speed from 75 mph to 55mph on long trips. Yes, it’ll take longer to get there but the fuel savings is staggering.

Other Ways To Save Gas

As you can see, there are many ways in which simply changing the way you drive can save alot of money. Use MapQuest to find find the shortest route to work, or lower your tailgate if you drive a truck. Sometimes you just need to get creative, and in doing so you might just find yourself with a few extra dollars in your wallet at the end of the month.

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