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Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell what our futures will be like or know exactly who we are supposed to be in life? It would be great if all this is laid out for us and all we had to do were to follow the bread crumbs leading to our happy ending. There are some people who believe that this is possible and the answers we are searching for are right in front of us.

There are some who believe in the Chinese art of reading skin moles. For centuries they believed that the moles on our face were a sign of how healthy we were and what would happen to us later in life. This is similar to palm reading and fortune telling. They theory was that where the moles were at on your face had a different meaning. In order to understand what this theory is you have to know how they read people’s fortune in this way. You have to learn what each skin mole on certain parts of the face truly means.

If the skin mole is on the forehead then it was an indicator that you have a good work ethic and that you are very creative in different ways. This was a strong indicator that you might be an entrepreneur in the future or very successful in your job.

When they are on the right side of the eyebrows it means that you can lead people with a strong and intelligent mind. If it is below the eyebrow than this means that you are quite smart – but that you also have many problems with your family and friends.

It is bad to have any that are on the nose. If it is in the center of it then you have a personality that can be addicted to things easily. If it is beside the nose then you are going to have a serious health problem.

The nose might be a negative sign – but when it comes to face reading moles the mouth is quite positive. Anything near above the mouth means that you will have a rather large family that is happy and gets along well. Beside the mouth means that you will be rich and very beautiful. The only time you have to worry is when it is on the lips. This means that you will not eat healthy foods.

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