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Did you know that there are more then 300 different varieties of squirrels that can be found all over the world. The most commonly seen in North America are the brown, red, and gray squirrels that like to live in the evergreen and oak trees and eat the seeds of pinecones and nuts.

The size of them can differ depending on what variety they are. The gray squirrel – which is the most commonly known – is said to be three times larger than the red squirrel and yet it is smaller then the fox squirrel. When they are adults they can be as tall as 18 inches and weigh only a little over a pound.

Most of them live in the holes of tree trunks or up in the treetops. They begin to mate with each other when they are a year old and for six weeks they will do this until the baby squirrels are born. Most squirrels will mate in the spring and at the end of the summer and have two to five babies each time.

From the time they are born till they are seven weeks old they will be nursed by their mothers. After this time they learn to collect and eat bird’s eggs, mushrooms, wheat, fruit, and of course acorns. Some will also eat leaves, seeds, berries, insects, and corn. The place where they live is greatly determine on the amount of food that they can gather.

Each squirrel requires around two pounds of food every week. If they feel that they are not able to find it anymore then they will move to a new area that has more of what they need. During the last weeks of the fall they will gather and save up nuts to eat during the winter. They can live for up to 12 years and usually die by predators, traffic, or even a natural death.

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