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Having a cell phone is a must have these days. For many people it is the connection that they have to the working world and without it they would not have the contacts or business dealings that make them successful. For others it is a link to the outside world. Many people do not even bother to invest in land lines anymore because cell phones can work anywhere and are more convenient to use.

There are dozens of different phones that are on the market that we can choose from – but none is better than the iPhone. This phone was introduced only a few short years ago and when it came out it was all the rage. It has a touch screen and technology that could rival any smart phone that had been released. A brand new model has just been released and it seems that it only gets better. Don’t believe me? See for yourself why you should have one.

iPod, Games, And More

What good is a phone if all you can do with it is talk to people that you know. The best thing about this phone is that it gives you everything that you would ever want in entertainment when you are on the go. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on an iPod, cell phone, and PSP you can get something that has it all.

This CDMA phone has enough room for you to store hundreds of your favorite songs and gives you the chance to purchase some new ones as well. It comes with headphones that makes listening to the iPod portion of it easy and enjoyable.

It also gives you access to the iTunes tore which allows you to purchase special applications that are games and allow you to do so much more. You can even have applications that are just fun to have even if they are a waste of time.

In short this is something that has everything so why wouldn’t you want it?

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