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One of the best things about having engineered hardwood floors is that they cannot be stained when anyone drops even the largest amount of food or wine. It can be cleaned up easily and when you are finished you would never know what happens. This is much easier to maintain then carpets can be.

The only downside to them is that because they are a hard surface they attract dust quicker than anything. So while they might look great longer and do not have to be replaced as much they do require a lot of maintenance. But with the right tools and tips you can learn how to keep them clean and looking great every day.

Everyday or even every other day you need to clean your hardwood floors with a broom or a Swiffer. In most cases the Swiffer is much easier to use because it is able to actually pick up the dust instead of moving it around. Doing this each day will help to keep the dust to a minimum and is especially helpful to anyone who suffers from allergies. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get the job done as long as it won’t scratch the floors.

Along with keeping the dust off of it you need to keep it looking shiny and new. Once a week you need to use a wood polisher or cleaner on it. One of the best that you can purchase is Murphy’s Oil. You can mix this with warm water and use a mop to clean the whole floor.

Or you can always make your own cleaner. Combine half a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water. Make sure that you use warm water and not burning hot or it will hurt the floors. Make sure to clean the floors without actually using tons of water. Too much moisture will damage them.

Use a towel to dry the floors when you are finished if they are not drying fast on their own. It is important to mop only once a week or else you will ruin them.

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