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Bad breath is something that we all hate to have – but most of us don’t know the extent to which we have it. We can be talking normally assuming that all is fine. It isn’t until later on that someone decides to be honest with us and inform us that we are driving everyone away with our bad breath.

Our first instinct is to visit our dentist and ask them all of the ways that we can eliminate bad breath for good. But before they can do anything they have to examine the problem and discover just how bad it is. There are several different popular methods that they use to check the level of bacteria in our mouth that could be causing bad breath. Knowing what causes it will help you to determine which bad breath remedy to use to fix it.

Organoleptic Testing

This type of testing is used by researchers to determine the level of bad breath through the use of their nose. Organolpetic testing is obviously the easiest and cheapest way to check for bad breath. It is also the most uncomfortable and the most dreaded forms of testing that can be used. But it is something that dentists will use more than anything else because it is the most accurate. Did you know that your nose can differentiate more than 10,000 different smells?

There is a problem with using this form of testing. For one there are a few dentists and other people who feel that this is not objective. Another reason is that the different odors that can be picked up may differ and could greatly influence the test. Different things that could influence it include; cosmetics, position of the head, menstrual cycle, consumption of coffee, and tobacco products.

Gas Chromatography

Another popular method that may be used to detect bad breath is gas chromatography. This form of testing is used by many dentists to help them identify the different compounds in a person’s breath and determine the level at which they are at. This is actually one of the best forms of testing for bad breath – but because it is so expensive not all dentists are able to utilize it. To test with this method there must be trained professionals that will be able to operate the special equipment that is used to measure the bad breath.

Bana Test

Bacteria is what causes bad breath to occur in the first place. This bacteria can also cause gum disease and will feed off of the waste in our mouth. This can lead to a horrible odor from our mouth and will cause bad breath. Some of these forms of bad breath can be tested through the use of the BANA test.

The bacteria that it can detect will have the ability to produce different enzymes that will degrade the compound benzoyl-D, L-arginine-naphthylamide – referred to as BANA. The dentist will take a sample of the patient’s saliva that holds the bacteria and will place it in the compound used to test it. This compound will break it down and create a special color change that will determine what level it is and what bacteria it is.

One Response to “Professional Testing For Haliotosis”

  1. I’ve always found the best test is blowing in someone’s face. If they slap you, you’ve probably got bad breath… either that or they’re some random stranger you walked up to and blew on.

    Posted by: Joe Hayes on on March 11th, 2009 at 11:01 am.