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For many men shaving is a daily ritual that they follow in order to keep their faces looking clean and well groomed. Some men learn at an early age the proper way to shave – but it takes time to truly learn how to get a neat and close shave. They also have to learn how to trim any beard or mustache that they wish to keep.

But one thing that many men have problems with is how they can remove their mustache when they are looking for a change. Some men are not able to remove it all or will cause their face to be irritated. This is because they are not doing it properly. Learn the correct and easy method to use when shaving off your mustache.

In order to shave it off you are going to need the proper razor and tools. It is best to use a razor that is very sharp – which means it should be new. You will also need shaving cream or gel that is name brand and is able to moisturize your face if at all possible. If you have a thick mustache then you will need scissors.

Use the scissors to trim the length and the thickness of the mustache. This will make it easier to shave it off so that it does not clog up the razor. Once you have trimmed it you will need to wash your face with warm, soapy water. This will help to prepare your skin by opening up the pores and reducing any risk of infection or also from getting ingrown hairs.

Get a wet washcloth with hot water and place it on your face. Hold it there for thirty seconds and allow it to soften the hair on your face. This will make it easier to shave and also give you a much closer shave then you have ever had.

Apply the shaving cream or gel to your mustache in a uniform manner. Drag your upper lip down over the top of your teeth and keep the skin taught. Shave from the top of the mustache and moving it down to the lip. After each stroke you need to rinse out the razor to keep the blade clean.

Once you have removed the mustache you need to apply shaving lotion – which will help to smooth the skin and avoid irritation. You may find that it is necessary to shave more then once in order to remove the whole thing.

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