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It is really great to be able to provide your dog with a small door that they can use whenever they need to go outside and do their business without you having to stop what you are doing. Many dog doors are easily installed into wooden doors in the back of the house where the yard is fenced in.

Sliding glass dog doors are different. They are used for homes that have sliding glass doors instead of the usual single wood door. These special doors allow for the owner to give their dog the access they need to the yard and oddly enough they are rather simple to install.

Make sure that you choose the top glass dog door brand that will work best for you and your pet. This door should be the right size for your pup and should look good in your home. It would not do you any good to put something up that will look tacky or take away from the elegance of your home. Besides the door the only tools you will need are metal screws and a screwdriver.

When setting up the door you need to make sure that it is firmly in place and that it cannot fall off easily. It also needs to be in the bounds of the frame that is already there. You will use the metal screws to hold it into place or you can use a spring loaded door. This will make it easier for the door to open and close firmly shut when the dog goes through it.

To secure the other end of the door you need to use the lock on your sliding door. This will also make sure that your dog is the only one that can use this. When installing sliding glass dog doors you need to make sure that no person is able to use it or break it. Otherwise your home will be at risk and the door will become useless.

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