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There are many vacation sites that will only open their doors to the public during the summer and fall months. Places like Bar Harbor, Maine are home to beautiful scenery beside the mountains and lakes. They offer tourists places to visit and wonderful food to eat while shopping around. However, during the winter months the town is boarded up and hardly anyone goes near it.

But places like Big Bear, California stays open throughout the whole year. They understand that some people prefer the summer season while others enjoy the snow white Christmas season and enjoy to celebrate some of the more popular holidays at a place that is full of fun and enjoyment.

Big Bear is surrounded by a beautiful scenery that you would not expect to find in California. It is far from the big city and is instead a part of nature and allows you to experience every moment of it. When staying there you and your family and friends will be busy every day hiking, water skiing, or just enjoy the delicious food.

Each month is a celebration at this place and there is always some event that they are holding. Whether it be special tours or to celebrate a holiday the Big Bear events are never short of exciting. In March you can enjoy the Brewfest and in September you can take part in the International Film Festival.

But don’t forget to book ahead for any time that you wish to stay. They are busy throughout the entire year and are host to more then just family vacations. Many business retreats and family reunions are held and the people are able to stay in one of their luxury cabins – which may offer a game room, flat screen television, and maybe even a Jacuzzi.

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