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For many of us the furniture that is in our home has been there for years. Some of us have the couch or dinette set that was given to us by our grandparents and may have been passed through the years to different families. Others of us bought new furniture when we were married and after twenty years have not bought anything new.

As time passes by wear and tear and accidents can put dents, stains, and who knows what else that will cause it to be worn down and even look a little ragged. When this happens it means it is time to replace them. However, when it comes to your dinette set there are steps you can take that can spruce it up and leave it looking new again.

One of the best ways to give it a new look is to paint it. When doing this make sure that you work in an area that is well ventilated. The garage or shed is the best place. After placing the table and chairs in your work area you will need to clean it off with water and soap.

Use sand paper over the entire table and chairs in order to make it more susceptible to the paint. You do not need to remove all the finish that is on it in order to do this – but enough to allow the table to soak up the paint. Once it is sanded you can wipe it off using a tack cloth so that all of the dust particles have been removed. Any holes or dents should be filled with wood putty and allowed to dry. These spots will have to be sanded down again and wiped off.

Over the table you will need to apply primer and allow it to dry. It is best to choose a color paint that will match your home. You can make it all one color or you can choose separate ones for the table top and the legs.

It is best to use a water based latex paint that can be cleaned off and allows for a smooth surface. Instead of using a paint brush you will need to use a foam brush. You will most likely have to apply two or three coats to your antique dinette set in order to make sure that it covers it completely. Over the top of the paint you will need to apply a water based satin varnish that will protect it.

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