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Stretch marks is something that many people are not able to avoid no matter how hard they try. It could be their genetics, the way that they eat, or even the fact that they are pregnant. All of these things can cause these unsightly blemishes to appear on their legs, arms, breasts, and stomach.

Although these are mainly things that will affect women it is possible for men to deal with them as well. The most common cause of them is gaining large amounts of weight in a short amount of time. That explains why people who work out excessively and gain a lot of muscle quickly might also have them.

There are many methods that help to remove stretch marks – but they are often too risky or expensive to even consider. Which is why we make do with only diminishing the look of them. There are many methods for this as well that are easy and often times very affordable.

No one uses a regular wash cloth anymore in the shower so why would you? Replace it with a loofah or a skin brush. Using these on the marks each day will help to stimulate the circulation of the blood and increase the skin’s elasticity.

Possibly one of the best things you can use to help diminish the appearance of these is to apply cocoa butter to it every day. This has healing qualities and is the number one lotion that women use especially when they are pregnant.

Another common lotion that is known to help and is very affordable is Vitamin E. You should apply this all over your skin after you have taken a shower or bath.

Change up your diet and replace those foods that are high in fat with ones that are high in Vitamins A, C, and E. If you cannot eat a lot of foods for them then you can use supplements instead.

Foods that have large amounts of zinc are also good to have in your diet in order to reduce stretch marks. These help to keep your skin healthy and give it a shiny glow.

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