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Intelligent Design is the belief that there are certain aspects in the world that we live in and the entire universe was created through an intelligent design and not just a random or natural selection. This is considered to be a more modern version of the belief that there is a God who created everything and still controls the world that we live in and the things we do.

It was established by a group of creationists who created a more substantial argument between creation and evolution. This helped them to bypass the court rulings that were established which stated that creationism is not a science. The leaders in this movement believe that the God that is talked about in the Christian religion is the designer of everything.

Those who believe in the intelligent design theory will argue that it is one based upon science and they have sought to redefine science in order to accept these and other theories that are considered to be supernatural. However, it is established that it is in no way science. This is because there is no evidence and no way in which the theory can be tested.

Instead it has been given the name of pseudoscience by the National Science Teachers Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Some have even called so far as to call if junk science. But despite this criticism the movement began to grow more and more during the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s.

It was because of this movement that the Kitzmiller Vs. Dover Area School District trial came about. During this trial certain parents demanded that the school district teach intelligent design as a requirement during biology classes. It was to be presented as an alternative on the explanation of how life began. However, the judge ruled against it saying that it would violate the first amendment and the separation of Church and State.

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