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Many of my friends are hunters and all of them have very rustic look to there home. One of my favorite pieces of décor that I always like to see when I visit their home is a fireplace.

I have thought to myself many times how much I would like to have a fireplace in my home. But then again on second thought – When was the last time you chopped fire wood or have you look at the price of fire wood lately.

When I started thinking about it deeper. I began to think maybe a fireplace isn’t for me. And after all I have a more modern looking home their fireplaces would not match my décor. But after thinking just how cool one would be after all I studied to see if I could find anything easier.

After looking for awhile I found the perfect match for me a modern gel fireplace. It was a great idea. There is no construction needed, no fire wood need be chopped, no chimney to clean and these fireplaces have many options that can match almost any décor.

They are great because they are clean burning they burn a gel fuel that produces no smoke or ash. That means no mess to clean up at all. These alcohol gel fireplaces can be put anywhere in your home and even mounted on the wall.

Lastly modern gel fireplaces can be taken with you if you move and many people can’t see the difference between them and normal fireplaces. They look and sound just like real ones. So if you are planning a romantic night and need to something special to cozy up to you can have one delivered straight to your door.

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