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As women we have many things that we worry about. We worry about how our children are doing, whether our husband is still attracted to us, and whether or not we are doing our job to the best of our ability. With all of these things that we worry about it is no wonder that we are aging prematurely.

In order to ease our minds for even a few minutes we find different things that will help to distract us. In other words we create obsessions and collections to occupy our minds and at times our wallets. One of the biggest obsessions that we can have are shoes! It is no wonder that the majority of women are able to fill up whole closets with just these shoes and nothing else.

What Is The Fascination?

Many men have asked this question and have still not yet figured it out. Perhaps it is the fact that they come in such a variety to match every outfit no matter how fab or drab it might be. Or maybe because they are just so exquisite that we feel we have to own every last pair of them so no one can have them.

Why So Many?

It is no surprise that women can be bored of certain things very quickly. Though they love to have one man with them for the rest of their life – shoes are something that they want to see more of and in different styles. To wear the same shoe for weeks on end would be a fashion don’t and eventually they would see someone else wearing the exact same one. Being different is key to any good woman-shoe relationship.

Designer Or Wholesale?

It seems that the majority of women feel that they are cheap unless they have the latest designer shoes. But who says you have to pay that much for them. The key to owning the right pair is to know how to purchase them wholesale and always on sale. That way they feel less guilty about getting two or three pairs.

2 Responses to “Shoes: How Obsessed Are Women With Them”

  1. I am a self confessed shoe freak! i have more than 850 pairs, although i have worn only half of them, i still continue on my crusade to find the perfect pair, only thing is, i almost always think it’s the perfect shoes at the time of purchase, but the buzz quickly fades once i get my credit card bill! i thank you for your “Shoes: How Obsessed Are Women With Them” page. It gave a true fashion junkie the perfect fix!

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