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When you have eczema and you leave it untreated then it will become worse and more inflamed. This will cause the itching and redness to travel to other areas of your face, hands, or whatever area that it might be affecting at the time. It is not always known what can cause the eczema to flare up in the first place – but anyone who is prone to it or who has sensitive skin can do things to prevent it.

The most common thing you can do in order to prevent the eczema from returning and affecting your life is to make certain changes in your life. The biggest change is to avoid wearing any clothes that are made with synthetic fibers. Instead wear cotton and use cotton bedding. This will help to reduce the itchiness and irritation that others can cause.

Do not use fabric softeners when washing your clothes and stay away from synthetic laundry detergents. You should replace them with biological detergents that will not irritate the skin in anyway.

Dust mites and their droppings that they leave behind can be found in curtains, mattresses, and carpets and can irritate the skin. That is why it is important to vacuum, dust, and to change out the bedding on a weekly basis.

Preventing eczema is just the first step in trying to avoid or treat the condition that you have. If it is a serious skin condition then you need to speak with your doctor so that they can examine the problem. They might have to prescribe you medication or lotion that will treat it.

For smaller cases you can treat eczema by purchasing special lotions that will help to keep the skin moisturized and clean. These products are made especially for people with dry skin and who suffer from eczema and can even be found for infants.

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