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There are some people who have a fireplace – but they do not realize the full potential of this. They understand that it can be used to keep them warm during the winter months and that it is perfect during cozy romantic evenings. What they don’t know is that many people look to the fireplace to tie the room together.

Like everything that is in the house it is to be decorated and adorned with the right things. The mantel is always considered to be the most important part of the fireplace and holds the person’s most favorite pictures or heirlooms. But one thing that is often overlooked is the fireplace screen.

The screen is usually considered to be a source of protection from the heat. While there is a fire the screen is put in front in order to keep children from sticking their hands inside. It also helps to control the heat when we are sitting in front of it. However, during the summer months when it is too warm to get the fire going we should be using a decorative screen.

There are a variety of decorative screens that you can use that include metal or iron and glass. It can sit directly in front of the opening to be moved when you want to use it. Or it can be built into the opening and open and close when needed. The point of these screens is to complete the look of your fireplace and to pull in the theme of the room.

One of the best types is the stained glass fireplace screen. These are beautiful to have in any home and come in unique patterns, designs, and colors. They are also some of the easiest to maintain and are sure to attract the attention of anyone who steps inside of the room.

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