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There are many people who feel that sometimes it is better to heal certain health conditions with natural products rather then with over the counter and prescription medicines. They believe that some of the ingredients we cook with or the plants that we see every day have healing qualities that work quicker and are much better for us.

One such ingredient is coconut oil. Recent studies show that there is a strong link that this can be used to treat children who are suffering from pneumonia. They believe that it holds certain antibiotic therapies that help to relieve the symptoms faster then normal medicinal methods. Pneumonia is a condition that infects the lungs. For children and many adults it is a serious infection that can be fatal if it is not treated properly.

During the study they separated the children in to two groups; the one that received coconut oil and the ones that did not. The children who took the oil along with a few other antibiotics were able to recover faster. Their respiratory rate and fever had improved and they had better oxygen saturation in the blood.

A part of the group was given the oil orally every day depending on how much they weighed. They did this for three consecutive days in a row and discovered that their respiratory rate had become normal after only 32 hours. The other group took 48 hours to improve.

Health experts believe that the coconut oil was able to work with the ampicillin – the usual medication given to treat pneumonia. The oil contains lauric acid – which holds certain antimicrobial properties that worked together with the ampicillin.

This is just one way that you can improve your children’s health with coconut oil. It’s healing properties will help to make them recover from health conditions. It also has been known to help moisturize skin and to help people lose weight.

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