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Anyone who loves their 1980’s television shows will remember the ever popular “Knight Rider” starring David Hasselhoff. It was one of his most famous roles next to “Baywatch” – but he wasn’t the main star. It was the beefed up Trans Am that made the entire show big and gave us a chance to dream of owning our own car that could talk back to us. This famous car was dubbed KITT.

KITT could shoot at people, drive itself, and had a nasty attitude when it wanted all while trying to get a hold of the bad guys. Because of its popularity it is no wonder that they decided to revive the show – but in order to do that they had to duplicate the car. However, instead of using another Trans Am they chose to use something that was more iconic for this generation.

Designer Harald Belker took the Shelby GT500KR Mustang and turned it into a real life KITT. At least one that we would believe. He is famous for creating the Batmobile in Batman and Robin and the space shuttle in Armageddon. The Mustang was given a truly unique look that would separate it from the pack. It was hard for Belker to accomplish this because the model had not yet been created.

One of the best features of the new Shelby GT500KR KITT Mustang was its new air ride suspension that get it a lower ride height. This enables it to morph easily into attack mode when the bad guys pulled out the bug guns. This features gives it a more aggressive look to scare anyone off who tries to come at it.

Although the show might not be as good as we had hoped the Mustang beats out the Trans Am by far. It is a more advanced looking KITT that is able to kick butt faster then ever and in style!

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