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Carpel tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that can affect people that use their hands an fingers in a repetitive manner every single day for work or other reasons. That is why these people are encouraged to hold their wrists and hands a certain way in order to prevent this condition.

What many people do not realize is that women who are pregnant are also at a risk for this condition even if they do not do anything to warrant it. Studies show that one out of four women who are pregnant and are in the second or third trimesters will have fluid retention in both their arms and hands. This excess fluid will place immense pressure on the nerves that are traveling to their hands and fingers. This condition is known as pregnancy carpel tunnel.

This can make it difficult for them to perform normal tasks each day and can also make it difficult for them to sleep. This is because of the constant pain and numbness that they are experiencing. For many women this problem will diminish after they have given birth. But there are a few who still experience the pain that is associated with it even years after they have given birth.

It is possible that breastfeeding will prolong the condition because the mother has to hold the baby to her chest for a long periods at a time. This forces them to bend their wrist in order to support them properly and will pinch the nerves that are contained in the hands.

Pregnancy carpel tunnel should be examined by your doctor and properly diagnosed before you try to do anything to treat it. They will be able to examine how intense the symptoms are and how extent the damage is. Most will require them to use a carpel tunnel brace – which can be worn anytime the symptoms are affecting them the most.

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