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There are many conditions that we have to be careful – which can strike us at any moment. One of the most common in the United States that is known to affect both adults and children is asthma. When this problem flares up it will cause the person’s air tubes to partially close and make it difficult for them to breathe. It can also cause wheezing and coughing and for some people limit’s the physical activities that they are able to do.

There are many different methods used to treat asthma attacks. Most come in the form of inhalers and nebulizer machines – but some people turn to more natural methods. Instead of relying on medicines made by man they prefer to use some of the more common medicinal plants that have been known to treat this condition.

  • The most commonly used plant is garlic – something that can be found in almost any home and is often used to cook with. It is mixed and boiled with milk and when drunk it will help to relieve an asthma attack immediately.
  • Turmeric has known therapeutic qualities that also help to relieve the symptoms that are caused during attacks. It is also to be combined with warm milk at least twice each day.
  • Apply camphor and mustard oil onto the chest for immediate relief from symptoms. It helps to loosed the phlegm in the chest and to improve breathing.
  • Ginger, sanctm, emblica, inula helenium, and chebulic are said to have qualities that work to control the symptoms induced by asthma and to improve their breathing.

Although these medicinal plants for asthma are known to have special qualities doctors urge that you talk to them before trying to use them. They need to make sure that these plants are strong enough to help you with the symptoms that you struggle from and need to approve of what you are doing and monitor you.

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