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Do you ever feel sometimes that the exercises you are doing are completely wrong and that everyone is looking at you? This is a fear that many of us have because we are not as used to working out as most people. It is not something we do every day because we have a family to take care of and a business to run.

It is true that weight machines and even cardio machines can be daunting until we use them long enough. Once that happens they become like second nature and we will be comfortable on them. One of the best and most popular machines that people use is the elliptical. This is usually a very easy machine to use and fairly self explanatory as to how it should be used.

But most people do things wrong and are not able to get the best work out possible. For example did you know that you should never lean on the sides of the elliptical. They are there for you to grab hold of and for some people the only way they can keep their balance while on them.

However, if you are leaning back on them while trying to walk or even leaning forward too much then you are not getting a good work out. In fact you are decreasing the resistance in your exercise and not working out the muscles the way they should be. In other words you are not burning the calories you want to be.

In order to get the best work out you can you should use one of the many elliptical fitness programs. These will help to add and take away resistance when needed and to work out the muscles that you are trying to focus on. It will time you and help you to push yourself father then you could have hoped.

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