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There have been times when we come home late at night after watching a movie and rush into the house before the light inside attracts all of the bugs that have been waiting patiently all night for us. No matter how fast we are we still manage to attract at least one or two of these annoying creatures and try as we might it is difficult to try to get them out.

Fly swatters have probably been around for thousands of years and they were probably just as annoying back then as they are now. It seems too difficult to kill the flying bugs with it because they are so fast and sometimes so small to even see very well. Instead of wasting your time trying to chase after them why not use something a bit more productive?

Indoor bug zappers were created for this purpose and they are much more effective at getting the job done then we are. These units are similar to the ones that are used outside on your porch and patio. They are built with a special light that attracts the bugs to them. When they get too close they are zapped and you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Before you start worrying about where you are going to hang the lantern let me stop to tell you that these are similar to the outdoor types – but not in this way. Unlike normal bug zappers these kinds are plugged into the wall and out of the way. In fact many people would mistake them for a plug-in that scents your home. But despite its small size it is still able to get the job done and to keep those nasty pest out of your home.

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