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Having an air purifier in your home is very important. For many people it helps to remove the allergens that keep them awake at night and cause their noses and eyes to become irritated all day long. For others it is a peace of mind to know that they have clean air in their home.

There are hundreds of different air purifiers models on the market that we can choose from today making it a very long process when choosing the right one for us. When looking for one you have to find something that is efficient. Which is why many have chosen the Classic Alpine Living Purifier.

This purifier weighs under twenty pounds and has been around for years. It is one of the few purifiers that uses some of the latest technology in order to purify the air in your home. Most purifiers simply pull the air in and capture the allergens as they filter it back out. However, this particular model is able to give us clean air the way that nature would.

It generates negative ions that will travel sixty feet in every direction from where it is placed at. These ions will move through ceilings, walls, and doors and will charge the allergens that are in the air. While it does this the polarity will change and the allergens will be attracted to each other.

The more they come together the heavier they become and they will eventually fall to the ground. The purifier will also release activated oxygen or ozone that is made up of extra molecules as well as the standard oxygen molecules. This will oxidize the allergens in the air as they make contact and will clean the air as it would in forests and mountains.

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