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When choosing the type of Clawfoot bathtub that you want to have in your bathroom there are many things that you have to decide on. You have to decide what material it should be made with, what kind of fixtures it needs to use, and what design it should have. The biggest decision is the design because it will help to define the style and theme in the bathroom.

There are three main designs that you can choose from when picking out the right tub for your home. Some are obviously more common then others and trying to decide on just one might be harder then you thought. The trick is to find something that is unique to you and that will fit nicely into the bathroom. You don’t want it to take up space you don’t have.


The most common Clawfoot bathtub design is the freestanding. These are built with the unique style that we love in a Clawfoot tub. The main difference between this and others is that instead of being placed on four feet they sit upon a single base or a pedestal.


Some people have only so much space to work with and will choose the classic design. In this design one end of the tub is rounded off in an arc while the other end is a simple line that cuts it off.

Double Ended

If you are looking for something that is going to provide you with even more room and space for stretching out then the double ended tubs are what you want. Instead of one side ending in a line it will also curve into an arc.


Perhaps one of the most unique types that you can choose are the slipper tubs. The single slipper is designed very much like the classic – except the curved side is slanted upwards to allow a person to truly lean back and relax during a bath. The double slipper – as you have already guessed – has this unique design on both ends of the tub allowing for more room and relaxation.

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