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Moving requires the need to use a variety of different supplies and equipment. There is the truck, boxes, tape, markers, and newspapers. But this is just to simply pack up all of the small items. The much larger items also need to be placed inside of the truck and if we could we would place them in boxes to make it easier for them to fit.

This would also keep them safe from scratches and who knows what else – but there usually aren’t boxes big enough for them. That is why they have created the use of moving blankets. These basic blankets are usually provided to people who rent through a moving company or who buy supplies from them. There are several different types of blankets that you can use.

Premium Blankets

These are heavier then the average moving blanket – weighing in at almost 7 pounds. They are some of the most durable that you can use and will provide a thick layer of protection for glass items.

Economy Blankets

These types of furniture moving blankets are made with non-woven fabric on either side of it. This makes it very soft and also durable. This works great if you want to store away any furniture or if you are sending something a long distance.

Green Blankets

The outer fabric of this is made with woven polyester on either side of it that helps to make it soft and quite durable.

Cotton Blankets

These are also quite heavy and as we all know cotton is very soft. This is perfect for keeping any glass items and pictures safe from scratches. These are also able to be used more often because they withstand large amounts of machine washing without being worn out.

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