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The ostritch is one of the most fascinating birds that we can ever see – but what do we actually know about them? There are many things to learn about them that are both fascinating and able to dispel any myths that surround them.

  • The Roman philosopher – Pliny the Elder – wrote that the ostritch was quite stupid and would stick its head straight into the nearest bush whenever it saw danger approaching. This is perhaps why many people believe that they are also able to stick their heads through the ground. You’ll be disappointed to know that this is not true.
  • In order to protect themselves when they are sleeping is to stretch out their incredibly long neck and lay them flat on the ground. This helps them to blend in with their surroundings and give the appearance that their heads have been buried.
  • Although they are classified as bird they do not have the ability to fly. Instead they are gifted as some of the fastest runners that are able to reach up speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. This is twice as fast as a human is able to reach. They can maintain this speed for at least thirty minutes.
  • An ostrich’s eyes are so large that they take up much of the room that is in the skull. This means that their brains are much smaller then one of their eyeballs. That might be why they run in circles when trying to get away from their prey.
  • There are three main ostritch sub-species – but only the African black ostritch can be found living in captivity. This species is farmed for their feathers, meat, and ostritch leather products in over fifty countries.
  • Unlike most birds the ostritch has only two toes instead of three or four. They can also only kick forwards and never backwards because of the way in which their knee is able to bend.

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