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I always say that moving – even if it is just from one new home to another in the same city – is an adventure that is exciting and different. That is because my whole life I was constantly moving from state to state and home to home. If I wasn’t moving then I was traveling to see new places. What I didn’t realize is that moving is also one of the most expensive things you will ever do in your life.

However, despite how expensive it might be there are times when we have no choice but to pick up and move. To make things easier on you and your wallet you need to learn to estimate moving costs a month or two in advance. This will help to budget out the money and to keep track of where it is all going. It will also help you to choose the best companies, supplies, truck, and etc.

Estimating the costs is not difficult and does not require a special program that you have to purchase. All it requires is a pen, paper, calculator, and the phone. Make a list of all the help and supplies that you are going to need. This includes the moving truck or company, boxes, paper, and the necessary switching of the utilities from the different homes. You should also include gas, food, and any lodging if necessary.

After the list is made it is time to call around and find the best deals. Call different moving companies and find one that offers what you need at the most affordable price. Get the estimated cost from them and write it down on your paper. Go down the list and continue to do this.

Once you are finished you will have a list of the estimated amount that you will spend on the whole thing. If it is too much then you need to think about doing things differently. Maybe you can just rent a truck instead of using the company? Or try to stay at a friend’s house instead of a hotel? This will be your guideline for keeping the budget under control.

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