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I have seen so many people driving around on electric mopeds that I am so close to getting one for myself. They are really great things to have because they give you the freedom that you can get with a motorcycle (but without all of the speed and danger) and you get to save a good deal of money on gas.

In order to drive around on one of these things though I would first have to consider all of the necessary features and accessories that it needs to come with. Or in this case would be ‘sold separately’. I would need to consider a way to keep it safe during stormy weather, how to charge it up, and of course the necessary gear to keep me safe while driving it.

Safety Equipment

The first thing that we should be thinking about is how safe we are going to be. Just because it is not as dangerous as a motorcycle and cannot reach extremely high speeds like a car does not mean there is no amount of danger to it. You will have cars surrounding you that may not see you or you might fall off on a bad turn. That is why you need to purchase the right helmet, leather jacket, boots, and gloves that will protect your skin.

Battery Charger

It should already come with its own battery charger – but you should have a backup just in case something happens. Remember that this is an ‘electric’ moped and therefore requires to be charged up after so much use.

Moped Cover

The only disadvantage to using a moped is that they are quite difficult to drive when it is raining. During this weather it is best to keep them safe at home and in your garage. Those who don’t have a garage can always purchase a cover for it. This is an essential moped accessory and should be used when parking it in public places. You can keep it hidden from wandering eyes.

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