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It seems that people are desperately trying to lose weight and will try anything that will make this just a little bit easier to do. People who are dieting or who claim to be dieting and trying to live healthier have jumped on board the diet drink bandwagon. Everywhere you look hundreds of companies that produce juices, sodas, teas, and other such drinks are creating diet versions of them.

Those who have tried these versions notice that they appear to taste flat when compared to the original version – but they still hold a sweet taste to them. How is this possible? One of the biggest things about these diet drinks is their ability to have absolutely no sugar. That is why they exchange it with aspartame – one of the leading sugar substitutes.

Aspartame is a non-carb product that does not have any calories. Because it is 180 times sweeter then sugar it is only used in very small amounts. This was discovered in 1965 by Hames Schlatter who was trying to find a drug that would prevent ulcers. When he combined aspartic acid and phenylalanine he discovered the sweet taste it held.

Though aspartame is a great diet drink sweetener it cannot be used for baking because it will break down when heat touches it. Even when used in drinks it usually has a shelf life of about a month – which is why you should look at the expiration date on your soda to make sure it is ok.

There are many people who have their doubts about using this product and refuse to drink anything that contains it because they believe it can cause cancer or other such health problems. However, in the 1980’s the FDA approved the use of this product.

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