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Women use natural progesterone cream to help balance out the amount of estrogen that their bodies are producing. When the bodies produce too much of this hormone it can create problems that can be as simple as night sweats or as severe as cancer. Most will have this problem right before or during menopause.

Even though it is produced to help certain problems in some women there are progesterone cream side effects. This is because it is synthetically produced and therefore may contain ingredients that some people might have a negative reaction to. Most of these side effects are caused when too much is being used.

Progesterone is a hormone that fat soluble – which means that the person who is using it will have a likely chance of gaining weight when they are using it for a long period of time. Most likely you will not notice any of this when first starting to use it because you are using smaller amounts. However, using too much of it can cause the other hormones in your body to become disrupted.

Many doctors will tell you that after the adrenal hormones have become stabilized and back to normal levels you should lessen the amount that you use. It might be between three to six months before you are able to do this.

When taking natural progesterone cream you will have to change certain aspects of your life. You should have a much healthier diet. Get more sleep, and reduce the amount of emotional stress. Speak with your doctor on how much you should be using and make sure to have check ups after that. They will need to monitor the hormone production in your body and make sure that you are taking the right amount. Otherwise more serious problems can occur.

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