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During the summer and fall months we are forced to deal with roaches, spiders, and in some cases scorpions that find their way into our homes. For some of us no amount of cleaning is able to deter them. That is why we use pesticides to get rid of them and make sure that they are taken care of once and for all. But is this really the best way?

Many of us do not stop to examine what is being used and are unaware of important pesticide information that may make us think twice before using it. Studies have been conducted and that have shown that many of the chemicals that are used to make them can cause motor neuron diseases as well as prostate cancer and cancer of the brain.

The pesticides that are used to spray crops, used by pest control companies, and even used in the can of bug spray that we use contain a number of chemicals that are considered to be highly toxic and in some ways dangerous. It is true that they work well at killing off the bugs and they can be very affordable – but is it worth the risk?

If you still decide to use them make sure that you read the directions and warnings in detail. Many of them will tell you to keep it away from children and pets and to keep them from the area that you are spraying. Seniors and women who are pregnant should never use them and when using it always wear clothing to protect your skin and a breathing mask.

When using them on any beds or for other reasons outside in the yard make sure that there is no wind. Otherwise it might be blown in your direction and you could breathe it in or get it in your eyes. Also make sure that whatever you killed is removed to keep any pets from eating them.

Nowadays it is possible to use more natural forms of pest control that use natural ingredients or methods in place of the chemicals. These are much safer to use and considered to be just as effective.

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