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Massage therapy is a great profession to pursue that allows you to provide people with a way to relax their bodies and minds. The environment in which you will work in is one that is healthy and takes part in natural healing methods. The majority of therapists will begin their own small business where they can take in regulars each week. Some might even visit their clients in their home – making it more convenient for them.

In order to become a massage therapist you must enroll in massage therapy school. These are quite common and will usually cost around 10k for the entire time you are there. You will spend a year learning and in the end will become a licensed massage practitioner.

While in school you will take different massage courses to learn the different techniques that you will provide to your customers. You will also learn anatomy, physiology, and hygiene to understand how the body works and why the techniques you use will help to heal certain areas.

One you are finished with school you can attempt to start your own business or can apply at a spa. It is best to start at a spa or other massage business so that you can have the necessary experience. Without experience it will be much harder to start your business and bring in reliable clients.

Through the years you can continue to hone in your skills and learn new techniques. There is always something more that we can learn that will help to make you more appealing to people who want more things available to them. Some massage therapists will continue on learning yoga or aromatherapy. Both of these are also very holistic and have the same healing qualities that a massage can offer.

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