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Many people hate the idea of having excess ear wax showing in there ears. This causes many of us practice ear wax removal regularly. The problem with this is many of us do it wrong by using a Q-tip which is definitely the wrong tool for the job.

I know it looks like it is works because when you pull the cotton swab out there is wax on it. But the real issue is even though you are getting some wax out you end up pushing some in by using a cotton swab and this can cause issues with your ear.

When it comes to removing ear wax safely you will want to find the best and safest way to do it. We feel that if you have a serious problem the very best way to remove it is to go see a doctor. But from your home there are many things you can do safely to get rid of it. The best way is a peroxide wash. It is very simple and easy to do all you need is hydrogen peroxide and a bulb syringe.

Other than doing the peroxide wash there are other tools and ways you can help remove wax. For instance you might try using an ear wax removal candle. Many have tried this item and the reviews are mixed many love them and are very satisfied with the results. But some studies that have been done concerning them show that they may not work at all.

We suggest other than going to the doctor to have it professionally done or using a peroxide with a bulb syringe you should try the Ototek loop. This ear wax removal tool is one of the best on the market for safety and practically. This tool is a syringe like item made of plastic with a loop on the end. It comes with a plastic guard that keeps you from pushing it to far into the ear for safety.

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