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The majority of women use the pill as their main source of birth control. This is because it is one of the most affordable types and is much more reliable then a condom. The only problem with this method is that it can be difficult for the women to remember to take the pill on a daily basis.

Sometimes life has a knack for getting in the way and disrupting certain things in our lives. Something might happen and we realize too late that we have missed one day of it. This can put us in a panic and we begin to question how we can keep this from affecting us and getting us pregnant when we are not yet ready.

Don’t panic! There is a way that you can make up for this. The moment you realize that you have missed a pill is when you need to take it. Make sure that you take the active pill that contains the hormones. You might have to take two pills in one day – but this will not have any negative side effects.

If you have missed two of these active pills then you need to take two one day and then two again on the next day. After this you can continue to take one a day until the pack is finished with. To be safe you should use another form of birth control for at least a week.

Missing two active pills around the time of the third week can be much harder to fix. If you start on Sunday then you need to keep taking the pills as normal until Sunday in which case you should throw the rest of them out. Begin a brand new pack of the pills like normal.

If you are a day one starter the best thing you could do when you miss a birth control pill is to throw out the pack the moment you realize you have not been taking them and begin a brand new pack that exact day. Again you will need to use another form of birth control for a week.

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