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The poison ivy plant is one of the most common problem that parents have to be careful of and spend tons of time making sure that their children know how to identify it. But even this sometimes is not enough to keep them away from it. Each year it seems that our children find themselves entangled inside of it and before we know it they have broken out in a rash.

When this happens many of us don the rubber gloves and keep the children who have not been infected far away from them. It is easier if we only have one child to treat then two or three. But is this really necessary? Is the poison ivy rash actually contagious.

Most of us would say that it is because most of the common rashes are. What people do not know is that it is only contagious when the skin or anything that has touched the plant has traces of urushiol still on it and it touches someone else’s skin.

Urushiol oil is the white substance that is contained within the poison ivy plant. It flows through the entire plant – but can only be seen when a part of the plant has been broken open. However, though it may not be seen on the leaves of the plant it is still able to be passed to people when they touch them.

Contrary to popular belief the liquid that is given off from the poison ivy blisters that have burst open cannot cause someone to break out into rashes and blisters. This liquid comes from the blood vessels and the irritation of the skin.

Though poison ivy is not contagious it is best to immediately clean the infected child as well as the clothes that they were wearing. This will make sure that all of the urushiol oil has been removed and cannot come into contact with anyone else.

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