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Epilepsy is a mental condition that causes the wiring in the brain to become jumbled together. Doctors believe that this could be caused by head traumas – but they do not know any other reason for it. Most people with this condition live normal lives – but every once in awhile the wires in their head might become confused and will cause seizures.

The epileptic seizures that are experienced can be quick and unnoticeable with the person only seeing flashes of light or unusual images in their heads. Or they might convulse and lose consciousness. While these are not considered to be life threatening at times they can impede on what they are doing at the time.

It is dangerous for someone who gets the more severe type of epileptic seizures to suddenly lose consciousness or to convulse while trying to drive or where they can fall down and hurt themselves. Because of this their physicians will provide them with medications to help treat this.

There are a variety of drugs that people can use that will depend on the severity of their condition and whether or not their bodies will respond well to it or not. Some patients might respond well to using just one medication or they might need a few. It is a trial and error process and one that might take some time to sort through.

Besides knowing what your body will respond to, the physician must also take into account the side effects of the specific epileptic drug that they are administering. Every drug has one or more side effects that may not bother you. This will all depend on your medical history and the existing allergies or conditions you may have.

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