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When the warm weather arrives there are many things that we have to worry about. We have to make sure that our children have plenty of sun tan lotion to protect them from the sun and that they have bug spray with them at all times. Gnats, mosquitoes, and even deerflies are something that we have to worry about and we do whatever we can to prevent them from biting us.

One of the most convenient way to do this is to use bug spray. Naturally this is the easiest because we spray it all over ourselves instead of having to carry a candle or bug zapping machines around with us. This is not going to help our children who are running around the entire yard.

But before you go out and purchase bug spray think about the kind that you want to be using. Many of us will grab the first thing we see without thinking of what is used to make it. The majority of these sprays are full of chemicals that can irritate the skin and can hurt them if ingested too much. Plus they all have a foul odor that we hope is used to keep the bugs away.

Studies show that these bug sprays cannot only hurt your children – but they can hurt animals and the environment as well. Releasing the chemicals that they use into the air can be dangerous and is almost as bad as releasing the carbon monoxide emissions from cars into it.

That is why more and more companies are finding new ways to keep the bugs away using a natural and safer repellent. These mosquito sprays are made using extracts from a variety of plants – which have been known to keep them away and off the skin. They are not harmful unless someone is allergic to them and will not bother you if ingested.

Instead of buying these sprays you can always make your own home repellent using ingredients that you have at the house. This can sometimes be more affordable and is just as effective as anything you might purchase from the store.

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