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How many times have we promised to decorate our home by a certain day – but never get around to doing it? It is time to take a break from your everyday life and spoil yourself by having some fun and giving your home the look you have been waiting for.

I know that for some people this can be difficult because they do not have the special ‘eye’ that it takes to choose the right furniture, wall décor, and anything else to help create a theme for your home. Hiring an interior designer can push you past the budget so why not seek some help from someone who is willing to give you some much needed advice?

Add Some Color

It is important to add some sort of color to your home in order to bring it to life. Bright colors are always a good choice – but you should limit the kinds you use. Sometimes going too bright can make the room look to eccentric and can actually give you a headache.

Choosing darker colors helps to add warmth to a room – but if you go to dark you will make it look smaller. The best thing to do is to find a color and pick the shade that would work best in your home. Tan, light brown, light yellow, light blue, and off white are the best to use.

Feng Shui

Many people believe that your furniture should be in certain places in order to make sure that your life is balanced. For the best ‘feng shui’ we recommend that you place the furniture in a manner that leaves enough space to walk through. Try putting your couches so that they are near each other – but not crowding. It is best to have everything flush against the wall. But don’t feel that you can’t get a little crazy and try to place things in corners and at angles. As long as the furniture is not cramped it will look great.


Accessories are great to have in any home. These range from coffee tables to pictures and even area accent rugs. All of these small items are not necessary – but they do help to add your personal touch to the room and give it more life. Try using special knickknacks and pictures of your family. These are the best to use.

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