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Lets face it America the reports are in and we are fat. From what the statistics say a whopping two thirds of adult American are overweight. I knew that the number of people in America that are unhealthy was on the rise. But I Had know idea how bad it had gotten till I look at the numbers. And we need to act now to reverse what it is that is making us this way or one day it might be to late.

I know many of you would say that fast food chains or laziness is what is making us this way. And I am not discounting that knowledge either. Sure if your main source of food is from your local burger shop and your main source of activity is the drive to the burger shop than yes we have a problem. But the real question here is why aren’t we out there doing everything we can to get the weight off and to be happy again.

Maybe it is not that we are lazy but we just don’t have the time to do what is necessary to be healthy anymore. No that is not it either. I believe that the main reason we are not getting the right amount of activity a day that we should is lack of interest.

I am not saying we are lazy, unmotivated, or to busy. I am saying that most options that we have for activity is boring. I mean serious have you been on a tread mill lately. How often lately did you spend all day thinking about how much you missed being on a tread mill. That would be like saying you can’t wait till you can wash the dishes again.

I think it all comes down to our perception of what is need to lose weight. When many of us think about losing weight the first thing we see in our head is a tread mill. But I believe if the first thing you saw in your head was a new fun and interesting high powered activity like skating, swimming, paintball or martial arts in you head when you think about weight loss things would be quite different for us.

When it comes to calorie burning I like martial arts. One of my favorite activities is working out on my Wavemaster XXL in my garage. There is no hour of travel time going back on forth from the gym and no monthly membership fee I have to worry about.

You may not be a current student of the martial arts or kickboxing but there are many local seminars or online info that can help you learn the techniques needed to use a Wavemaster punching bag.

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