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Many of have dreams and aspirations to visit cities and countries that are beyond the borders of the United States. It can be very enlightening to see new cities like New York or Dallas – but these are all similar and we are surrounded by the same type of people. Instead we have the desire to visit countries where the people speak a different language and act a different way.

The chance to see a different country allows us to observe the way that other people live and to truly learn about their culture and the history of their country. It gives us a chance to see something that is much older than us and to understand its significance in people’s lives and why they feel it is so important.

By being this chance we get to expand our horizons and open new doors that we never thought were there. In some countries you may feel that there is no big difference to them and that the people and culture is very similar. This can be said of Canada and the United States though there are still very big differences. You just have to go deeper into the country.

I have had the pleasure of traveling to Japan and living their for two whole months. It was an experience that I would never trade for anything. While I was there I was given the chance to experience the way that they lived, what they ate, and the culture that was all around me. It was a wonderful experience and one that I would love to show my family one day.

Some of us visit exotic countries like Boulogne, France and others us try to go to countries that are in our own background and heritage. England, Ireland, and Scotland are some of the countries that I would love to see one day to understand where me and my husband’s family originated from.

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