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Dozens of people recommend that you hire someone who can move all of your things when you are leaving your old home for something that is all the way across the country. It is true that trying to move everything across town is much simpler then across the country. In the same town you have the ability to take several trips with a small truck.

However, it can be very pricey to hire a moving company that can take care of it for you. You will have to pay for them to pack everything up plus insurance to cover all of your belongings if something should happen to them. Before you know it the price is through the roof and you are broke.

Instead of hiring someone why not move cross country on your own. This is not as difficult as it sounds. One of the easiest and most affordable ways of doing this is to rent a U-Haul truck. These come in different sizes to hold everything you own. If you do not have much then all you need is a trailer that you can connect to the back of your car. For something larger you can rent out the largest truck that they have.

Most of these trucks come with moving blankets and dolly’s to help transfer all of your priceless and rather large items. If these do not come with the truck you can always rent them out as well. You can drive the car Рthat is full of all the luggage while your partner drives the U-Haul.

The only other cost you have to worry about is gas. You will need to make sure that you gas it up on the way. However, it should have a full tank of gas when you pick it up. If not then let them know so they can reimburse you for it or fill it up for you before you take it.

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