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Sparring is one of the most popular methods that is used to help people train during boxing or any form of marital arts. This helps to hone in the skills that they are using and to teach them the best way that they can defend themselves if someone should ever attack them.

But sparring is not like real life because the person you are fighting with doesn’t actually want to cause you any harm. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt every now and then. Most schools will not allow anyone to spar unless they have the proper gear that will keep them safe. One of the most important of these is a helmet that will cover your face, ears, and the entire head.

This allows your partner to hit you there – but not to cause any damage. Gloves are a requirement to not just make sure you don’t break your hand – but also to make sure that the force of your punch is decreased thanks to all the padding inside of it. This same is true for the foot pads that you will have to wear.

One safety gear that we have to wear is a mouthpiece. Of course this is something that we all hate to wear because it is uncomfortable. However, it helps to keep us from biting our tongues or mouth accidentally when fighting. It also protects our teeth just in case that opponent hits us in the mouth with enough force.

You can purchase these at any sports store and in the size that you need. It would be easier to get a custom mouthpiece made for you. These are made using a mold in the shape of your mouth. It will assure you that you are using something that fits perfectly without the risk of it falling out

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