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Eczema is also referred to as dermatitis and is used to describe many different types of skin conditions that will cause the skin to become inflamed. There are many different types of eczema. One of the more common and popular being atopic eczema. People who suffer from this type will have a very similar pattern to the skin inflammation that will cause certain symptoms.

Atopic is a medical term that is used to describe people who have different allergic reactions to certain substances. But atopic eczema is not just considered to be an allergic reaction. People who suffer from it will most likely develop hay fever and asthma.

Atopic Eczmea Symptoms

As with any type of eczema the skin will become extremely dry and parts of it will become red and inflamed. The back of the knees, front of the elbows, wrists, and around the neck are the areas affected the most. If a baby has this condition their face will most likely be affected the most.

The areas that are inflamed will become blistered and will cause the patient to itch. It is imperative that the patient refrain from scratching because it will worsen the problem and cause the infected skin to become thicker and take longer to heal.

Most people with atopic eczema will have to deal with flare up throughout their life. These flares up may last for a couple of days to a few months and the symptoms may be mild to severe. The type of flare ups will depend on the person and what they do to handle the problem.

Doctors have not been able to determine what causes atopic eczema. One factor that they believe plays a large role in bringing about this condition is a smaller amount of oil that is contained within patient’s skin. This will cause the person to lose water – which leads to dry skin. They also believe that certain cells in the immune system will release specific chemicals underneath the surface of the skin that can cause the inflammation.

Depending on how severe your symptoms are will determine what medication your doctor will place you on. It is possible to purchase over the counter creams and lotions that will help to medicate and treat atopic eczema. However, you may need a prescription if you have more severe symptoms that these creams cannot control.

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