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Squirrels are cute creatures that we see running around everywhere in neighborhoods and parks. We think nothing of them because they seem to take to themselves and don’t bother the people around them. It seems that the only thing they are interested in is trying to collect nuts and running around.

They are so cute that some of us wish that we could keep them as pets – but this is not possible. At least not with most types of squirrels. There are more then 40 different kinds of squirrels and one of the most unique of them are flying squirrels. These are also some of the cutest and many of us – when we hear the name – wonder one thing. Can they really fly?

While it would be very cool to see these animals fly it is physically impossible. Though these are given the name that makes it sound as if they have the ability to fly – in reality all they can do is glide through the air. These mammals have a small cartilaginous wrist bone and patagium that makes it possible for them to glide through the air when they jump or are thrown.

They extend their arms out and the patagium is pulled taut. They use their tail to stabilize themselves while they are in the air. This is used similar to the way that a kite is able to stay in the air. It is also used to help them stop easily when landing and without hurting themselves.

These nocturnal squirrels make great pets. In the wild they usually live six years – but as pets they have the ability to live anywhere between ten to fifteen years. The reason they do not last as long when in their natural habitat is because they are hunted down by a variety of animals.

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