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Wheelchairs are a necessity for many people to give them the freedom they need to get around their homes and also places outside of their homes. The only way that they are able to get around to go shopping or to work they need to be able to transport their wheelchair from one place to another.

People who use the standard wheelchairs need only to fold it up and place it in the trunk of the car. But most people are switching from these types to the power chairs. This is because they are easier to use and can get around most places without any trouble. Unfortunately they cannot be folded up – which means you need to find another way to take it places.

That is what wheelchair platform lifts were created for. These special lifts can sit on the back of any truck or van and will handle chairs of all sizes. These lifts are simple. Some are elevated above the ground and will have a ramp that is lowered allowing the chair to be pushed onto it. When the lift closes it acts like a door to prevent it from falling out.

There are other platform lifts that will lower to the ground, allow the person to drive onto it, and the will elevate it above the ground when it is securely on. Or you can have the lift that will allow the person to sit inside of their chair in the backseat of the car.

The person will drive onto them, and it will move upwards and inwards allowing them to sit comfortably. Of course in order to use this kind you need a van that will be able to allow this much room. These come in a variety and it is up to you to choose the type that is best for you.

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