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This Fourth of July many of us will celebrate our independence with great food, activities, and amazing fireworks. Though it might be extremely hot outside we manage to not notice and we spend all of our time swimming in the lake at our favorite camp spot and enjoying the grilled out food.

Camping is one of the best things you can do on this holiday – especially when it falls on a weekend. The kids are out of school and you need some down time to relax for a few days and enjoy each other’s company. What better way to spend quality time with each then by camping out the entire time.

In order to do this properly you want to make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment. Without the right equipment and gear the trip will be a bust and you will either have to leave early or find ways to do things the old fashioned way. In other words no fun will be had.

Many of us know that tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, clothes, and food are a must have. You might also want to bring your fishing gear in order to catch something different for dinner one night or just too pass the time. The one thing that many of us never think to bring is a portable bug zapper.

Instead we drag along the bug spray in the hopes that it will work like it should and the kids as well as us will not have to deal with them the whole weekend. But bug sprays are not always effective and for some people they can irritate the skin. They also smell horrible and can come off in the water. With a bug zapper you can have something that will draw the bugs away from you and kill them at the same time. These work great and they go great with the camping theme.

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