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How many of us grew up with one or both of our parents who snore? One moment we could be sitting on the couch watching a movie and the next minute the movie is being drowned out by their loud snoring. When we are young we find it funny and all we have to do is turn up the volume of the television to drown it out.

Unfortunately marrying someone who snores is not so easy for us. The majority of couples in the United States have to deal with a partner who constantly snores while they are trying to sleep. This can be a problem because it can prevent them from falling asleep at a decent hour.

The type of snoring that they do can be different for many people and be caused by different things. I am lucky enough to be married to someone who snores only when he sleeps on his side and even then it is not very loud. Others are not so lucky and have to deal with people who snore everyday and very loud.

There are several things that you can do to put a stop to the snoring. But before you do it might be best to visit your doctor and determine what is causing the snoring. For some people it is a sign of a more serious problem that must be taken care of right away. For others it is simply a quick fix or a good remedy.

If your partner is overweight than it is possible that the best thing they could do to stop snoring is to shed a few pounds. This is a large cause for many people and even a few pounds helps – but it would be wise to get rid of enough to that you are at a healthy weight. This can help you in more then just snoring.

If this doesn’t work you can find many snoring remedies or even mouthpieces that might be able to help. Sometimes the right types of foods, drinks, or medicines will get the job done. Just be patient with them and try not to make them feel too bad about it.

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